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The Norton House - Coram

The Norton House is located on Middle Country Road between McDonald’s and the now abandoned Coram Shop & Swap and Coram Antiques buildings. The house can be seen most clearly on the west side of the rear parking lot at the McDonalds restaurant. The original owner of the property is said to be Captain Nathaniel Norton. The Norton’s came from Salem, Massachusetts, sometime before 1670. Captain Norton’s granddaughter, Emma Norton, would become the schoolteacher at the Coram School. In 1886, her home would become the site of the Coram Post Office. She would hold the position of postmistress until her death in 1916.

The historic Norton House is one of the last vestiges of the gallant past of Coram. While it currently lies in a dilapidated state on privately owned property, plans are currently underway to save the Norton House and preserve its place in local history. Toward the end of last year, the Town of Brookhaven notified the owners that an unsafe and unsanitary condition existed on their property. Plans were made to tear down the three structures on the property as they had become unsafe and a haven for vagrants in the area. Your Davis Town Meeting House Society along with our sister organization, the Coram Civic Association, as well as the Middle Island Civic Association, asked the Town to delay the action as the Norton House had historic value to our community. Supervisor Ed Romaine and Town councilperson Jane Bonner, both strong supporters of history as well as the environment, were quick to honor our request. Suffolk County Legislator Sarah S. Anker, another strong supporter of our community, then joined with us to assist us in hopefully acquiring the property in a tax default case. As you would expect, that is a very complex process and is still being worked on.

The Town of Brookhaven has just officially notified the owners of the property that because of their failure to remediate the conditions on the property, the Town will step in and tear down the two non-historic buildings on the property (the wood shingled Shop & Swap shed-like building along with the white Coram Antique building). The abandoned trailer behind the Shop & Swap building will also be removed. The Norton House will remain intact until a resolution is finally able to be reached with the property owner and Suffolk County. The owners do have a small window of time to respond to the Town’s notice. 

We’ll keep you posted on when you can expect to see these two building being
removed for the safety and aesthetic value of our community. We’ll also keep
you posted on the future of our historic Norton House.

UPDATE: April 22, 2019 The Town of Brookhaven, under the direction of Supervisor Ed Romaine, demolished and removed the two abandoned, non-historical, buildings (Swap & Shop and Coram Antique) along with the abandoned trailer that have been repeatedly cited for safety violations.   

Many thanks go out to our Town of Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine and Town
Councilperson Jane Bonner for their long-term commitment to our community. Also
special thanks to Suffolk County Legislator Sarah S. Anker who has been a terrific
champion for Coram working so closely with us in supporting our revitalization efforts.

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